Old Dhaka


Old Dhaka! Sitting on the bank of the Buriganga River, Old Dhaka’s rich culture and heritage are reflected in both its architecture and the lifestyle of the city’s population. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and the southernmost region of the city is called Old Dhaka.
Among the landmarks in Old Dhaka, the Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manjil are two of the most visited sites. The former is an incomplete fort from Mughal times. The latter housed the Nawabs and is built upon the rich Mughal architectural principles. he Tara Mosque, Rose Garden Palace, Christian Cemetery at Wari, and Bahadur Shah Park all come with their own fascinating history and are must-visit places if you are in the area. Don’t forget to visit the University of Dhaka campus that spans six hundred acres of land. The Faculty of Science building is called Curzon Hall, named after Lord Curzon, and consists of a unique mix of Mughal and European architecture.